Dear friends,

The 13th ADCC Submission Fighting World Championship 2019 - is scheduled to be held in Anaheim Convention Centre, CA, USA as per the following details :

Friday, September 27 : Weigh-ins and finalize the brackets.

Saturday, September 28 : First day of tournament (Qualifying, Quarters & Semi Finals) - Note : weigh-ins will be done at first fight of each competitor.

Sunday, September 29 : Second day of tournament (Finals, Absolute & Super Fights) - Note : weigh-ins will be done at first fight of each competitor.

It's time again for all the Trials Winners & the Invitees to get ready for meeting the challenges for the ADCC 2019 Titles in California.

For smooth arrangements of plane tickets, hotel rooms, visas (if required), take a few moment and go through the followings and email to me accordingly :-

1) Confirm you weight class.

2) Let me know your full name as per passport. (if you were already there in ADCC 2017, ignore this).

3) Let me know the name of the airport you will be travelling from.

4) Email me your scanned copy of passport (if you were already there in ADCC 2017 and your passport is still valid, ignore this, as I already have it).  If you are scanning passport with your phone, try CamScanner App, which is free, convenient and easy to use.

5) The official tournament dates are September 28 and September 29, 2019.  The official hotel reservation dates are from September 26 (check-in) till September 30 (check-out).  I will arrange plane tickets so you arrive in Los Angeles on September 26 and start returning back on September 29 late night or September 30 morning (depending on the flights availability).

If anyone wants to come early or depart late, airplane tickets can be arranged according to your choice, provided you arrange the hotel accommodation for the extended dates on your own.  I can assist you for the possible good rates in the same hotel where ADCC Team will be staying. I will be working with organizers on it soon.

6) Hotel rooms are provided by the ADCC on twin sharing basis, we will accommodate two of you in one room.  You may suggest a name, in advance, with whom you are comfortable with and want to share with him/her.

Should you have any queries or require any further information please do not hesitate to contact me at my email.

Good Luck and see you there !

Thanks & Regards


ADCC, Abu Dhabi.

E-mail : rafidin @ yahoo.com


This page will be updated as and when new information about the tournament are available.
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